Eden Dog Food

Paws for Walkies dogs eat and thrive on Eden Holistic Pet Foods. Subsequently I highly recommend it and we are also a retailer for Eden. Making sure your dog is receiving a healthy and nutritious dog food is essential for longevity, health and behaviour.

Often dog owners are mislead by cleverly worded and displayed packaging of selected brands and manufacturers. I would always recommend checking the composition of any dog food as well as checking for any unnecessary additives. After all this is your dogs main and sometimes only source of nutrition.

There is a helpful independent website which analyses dog food and treats to save you any confusion. Please check out http://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk/

If you would like to order or inquire about availability or prices please see our contact page and get in touch. All orders are on a collection only basis unless you are one of dog walking clients where we are happy to deliver on a day your dog is collected.

We are also listed on Edens official store locator & website